Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride
Product Description

Magnesium Chloride

The offered range of Magnesium Chloride is highly effective in nature and can be easily soluble in water. Our range is carefully extracted from the sea and brine water. The offered stock is mostly used across the industry for road stabilization and dust control. After getting processed, all these solutions are duly tested on various chemical stability and purity factors. Moreover, we deliver the Magnesium Chloride in customized air tight packaging options.   

CAS No: 7786-30-3


  • It consists of an accurate composition of magnesium and chlorine
  • Available in white of colorless crystalline form, this chloride is highly soluble in water
  • In anhydrous form it have density of 2.32 g/cm3 and 1.569 g/cm3 in hexahydrate form
  • Consists of boiling point upto 714 °C (1,317 °F; 987 K) 117 °C (243 °F; 390 K)
  • Slightly soluble in acetone, it is non-flammable
  • Compositional accuracy and optimum level of purity
  • Safe to use and can be preserved for a long time
  • Processed in favorable conditions by our experts
  • Precise pH value and environment friendly in nature

Technical Specification:

Magnesium chloride   hexahydrate 99.2%
Magnesium chloride 47.32%
Chloride 34.8%
Calcium 0.2% to 0.4%
Sulphates 0.08%
Insoluble matter 0.07%
Solubility in Water Anhydrous
54.3 g/100 ml (20 °C)
72.6 g/100 ml (100 °C)
Density 2.32 g/cm3 (anhydrous)
1.569 g/cm3 (hexahydrate)
Appearance White or colorless crystalline solid
Related compounds Magnesium fluoride 
Magnesium bromide 
Magnesium iodide
Type Magnesium Chloride
CAS No. 7786-30-3
Other Names Magnesium Chloride
MF MgCl2.6H2O


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