Meta Bromophenol

Meta Bromophenol

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With the great support from our skilled employees, we are becoming as one of the trusted manufacturers and suppliers of Meta Bromophenol. It is a pale yellow to brown colored semi solid compound having a low melting point of 30 degree Celsius. This chemical is known to be an enzyme inhibitor which finds its application as an intermediate in the preparation of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paint, dyes, and organic synthesis. Meta Bromophenol has three isomers in the form of 2, 3, and 4-bromophenol.



  • Light sensitive nature

  • Insoluble in water

  • Has a boiling point of 236 degree Celsius




3-Bromophenol acts as an enzyme inhibitor. It is used in the preparation of 3-bromophenyl ester by reaction with benzoyl chloride in presence of triethylamine as a catalyst. It plays an important role as an intermediate in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and dyestuff and in organic synthesis.

CAS No: 591-20-8